• 20th International Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine & 15th Congress on Stem Cell Biology and Technology
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Pre-congress Workshops/Symposia

Pre-congress Workshops/Symposia Date Capacity
Principal of Molecular Dynamic Simulation

Chairpersons: Alireza Aryan Moghaddam, PhD
Executive Manager: Nasim Hamidian
21-22 August 2019 (2 days) 15
Culture Proliferation and Maintenance of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell

Chairpersons: Seyyedeh Nafiseh Hassani
Executive Manager: Mehran Rezaee Larijani
25 August 2019 10
Histology Basics and Immune-Staining

Chairpersons: Abbas Piryaei
Executive Manager: Payam Taheri
25 August 2019 12
Isolation and Purification of Mesenchymal Stem Cell from Various References: Bone Marrow Dental Pulp and Adipos Tissue

Chairpersons: Mohammadreza Baghban Eslami Nejad
Executive Manager: Nesa Fani
26 August 2019 12
Improve the Quality of Oocyte Sperm and Embryo in ART Cycles

Chairpersons: Mehri Mashayekhi, MD
Executive Manager: Azar Yahyaee
27 August 2019 50

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