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E-Poster Presentation Guidelines


Paper Poster Guidelines

You will be informed of the timetable for poster presentation for each session. 



Posters usually have similar structures to a research paper or journal article; similar to an abstract, sections include:

-        Introduction (i.e., brief rationale or review of relevant research),

-        Method

-        results

-        conclusion

-        You might also want to list key references.



·         Maximum dimensions: 100 cm tall, 70 cm wide.

·         Orientation: Portrait Orientation

·         Title of Poster: It should appear at the top in CAPITAL letters.

·         The author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s) are put below the title

·         Use bullets (*)to simplify sections (i.e: introduction and conclusions)

·         Use large Font type: 36 Font type (for headings)24 point type (for text)

Ø  Do not use Font types smaller than 18.

·         Maximum length of abstract has to be 300-400 words including titles, names etc.

·         Use graphs and figures whenever possible. Make your poster visually pleasing and attractive.

·         It’s helpful to your colleagues when you provide a handout of your poster that includes your full contact information so they have access to your important ideas after the conference. 


There will be no time or materials available for last-minute preparations at the conference. If you think you may need certain materials to repair the poster after traveling, Bring Them with You.