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Main Topics

• Endometriosis & Adenomyosis
• Ovulatory Disorders (PCOS, POI, Hypophysial Hypothalamic)
• Reconstructive Surgery in Female Infertility
• Endocrinological Disorders and Female Infertility
• OHSS and Complicated ART
• Fetomaternal Disease in ART
• ART Outcomes & ART Babies
• Sonography & Female Infertility

• Sperm Cryopreservation and ART Outcome
• Artificial Intelligence and Sperm Selection
• HPV and Microbial Infections on Male Reproductive Tracts
• Spermatogenesis
• Endocrinological Disorders and Male Infertility
• Azoospermia
• The Best Sperm and ART Outcome

• Sperm Selection
• Ovarian Reserve & Oocyte Selection
• Role of the Lab & Culture Media
• Oxidative Stress & DFI
• Genetics

• Environmental Factor and Infertility
• Pollutions & Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Infertility
• Diabetes & Infertility (Male & Female)
• Complementary Medicine & Adjuvant Therapy
• Exercise & Diet and Infertility
• Different Surgery to Lose Weight
• Bariatric Surgery and ART Outcome
• Losing Weight Strategies

• Definition & Individualization
• More Oocyte & The Best
• Sperm Selection & DFI
• Best Sperm & Technology
• Window of Implantation
• Endometrial Factor: Genetics, Infection, Immunity
• Epigenetic & Genetic Problems
• Stem Cell & PRP In RIF and RSA
• Different Option to Harvest More Oocyte & Sperm & Embryo
• Perinatology And RSA
• Role of Genetics in Embryo Selection
• Chronic Endometritis & Treatment
• Role of Radiology & Sonography in RIF and RSA

• Oocyte and Embryo Cryopreservation/ Past &Current Challenges
• Fertility Preservation in Prepubertal and Postpubertal Women
• Sperm and Seminiferous Tubules Cryopreservation
• Cryostorage Rules
• Fresh VS Frozen Embryo Transfer
• Preimplantation Genetic Testing of Embryos Derived from Cryopreserved and Fresh Oocytes
• Proteomic Characterization of Oocyte and Sperm During Cryopreservation

• Embryo Selection by PGT-A
• Epigenetics Aspects
• Reproductomics
• Artificial Intelligence in Embryo Selection
• Pharmacogenetics of Infertility
• Genetics & Transgender
• Inherited Gonadal Disorders
• Genetics & Male Infertility
• Genome Editing in Human Embryo
• Designer Babies: How Far We Are

• Third Party in ART
• Social Sexing
• Ethics in Transgender
• The Emotional & Psychological Impact on Infertile Couples & Even Female Alone
• Cost & Economic Burden of Infertility Treatment
• Transsexual & Ethics
• Ethics of Gene Editing

• Transgenic Animals
• Organ Culture
• Producing animal model disease
• Genome editing in domestic animals
• Embryogenomics
• Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
• Nanotechnology

• Ectopic Pregnancy in ART
• Neonatal Problem
• Outcome of Pregnancy in ART
• ART Babies
• Screening Tests & PND
• Advanced Maternal Age & ART
• Perinatology and RSA & RIF

• Diagnosis & Treatment & Intervention:
• Mullerian anomaly & Infertility
• Screening & Fetal Anomaly
• Male Infertility and Imaging
• Complicated Pregnancy
• Adenofibroma & Fibroma
• Isthmocele

• Tissue Engineering for Male and Female Reproductive Organs:
    Bioengineering Models of:
     - Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes, Uterus and Embryo Implantation
     - Female Reproductive Diseases
     - Testis
• Organoid Technology in Male and Female Reproductive Biomedicine
• Biomaterials of In Vitro Reproductive Tissue Engineering
• Reproductive Organs in a Microfluidic Setting
• 3D Bioprinting of Reproductive Organs

Understanding pluripotency and lineage commitment; exploring embryo and organ development.

Exploring somatic stem cell homeostasis and aging, regeneration, stem cell-niche interactions, and stem cells in cancer prognosis, and progression and therapy.

Engineering approaches to modulate cell behavior for tissue regeneration.

Notice to Stem Cells and their derivatives as a resource for treatment of infertility-related diseases.

Exploring and exploiting the inherent potentials of the host cells for tissue regeneration.

Exploring stem cells and their derivatives in developmental biology, tissue repair, and regeneration.

Editing and manipulating genetic material to modulate gene regulatory networks of stem cells and treat or prevent disease.

Evaluating the role of key molecular players including non-coding RNAs in stem cell research and therapy.

Translational and integrative stem cell informatics.

Highlighting the cellular therapy and tissue engineering research moving toward the clinic; examining manufacturing and upscaling and presenting clinical trial updates.

Exploring various aspects of ethical, social, and legal issues in stem cell research and therapy; GMP and biological products approaches.